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Melanie Rossiter Doula, Hypnobirthing, Pregancy Massage or Maternity Reflexology
in Hitchin, Letchworth, Welwyn and Stevenage
Online, Group and Private Courses

*Virtual and in-person Doula Support - scroll down to the bottom of the page for more information. Support will be virtual whilst in lockdown.

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Doula Support

We can organise a time for you to interview me to ensure you are happy for us to work together. It’s good to interview doulas to feel if they are the right fit for you.

At present I am a mentored Doula with Doula UK, this means that I need to attend a wide range of births which can take up to two years to become a recognised Doula. If you book with me it would mean filling in a form of feedback that would go directly to my mentor. The mentor obviously does not attend the birth. My prices reflect that I am mentored but also include hypnobirthing, reflexology and massage support.

In-Person Home Birth Support

My in person home birth package includes:

*2 antenatal sessions for birth preparation.

*On call from 37 weeks with continuous support via email or phone/ zoom. In person throughout labour or however long you want me there. Can include reflexology, massage and Hypnobirthing support in labour.

*1 postnatal session for debrief and support.

*In person home birth support (mentored with Doula UK) is £450 whilst I’m going through their recognition process. It will be £495 if you want to include the online hypnobirthing and postnatal support pack packages.

Virtual Doula Support

My virtual package will include:

*2 antenatal online sessions where we will discuss your plans and feelings about giving birth. You will receive the links to my online digital hypnobirthing and postnatal support packs. I will be available and on call for you until you go into labour and you can have me on FaceTime, Zoom or on the phone whilst in labour to offer support. There will then be a postnatal debrief session. The price for this will be £180 whilst I am a mentored doula.

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