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Pregnancy Massage. mamababy

Pregnancy Massage

Indulge in a Mama Baby Bliss 'truly bumptious' pregnancy massage. This is a fantastic treatment to receive in your second and third trimester of pregnancy. Using specific techniques and safe positioning this treatment will soothe away aches and pains.

'Thank you for my lovely pregnancy massage and reflexology, I now feel very relaxed and ready to have baby mountain (hopefully very soon) I will keep you posted.'
Ellie Smith

Pregnancy massage can help with:

Reducing stress and anxiety through release of endorphins.

Stimulating the circulation which raises the blood count and could help with anaemia.

Boosting lymph drainage.

Releasing oxytocin and endorphins to help relieve discomfort and pain associated with SPD.

Relieving physical tension.

Helping to boost respiratory function.

Helping oedema, massage boosts the circulation and encourages lymph to move around the body, helping to remove toxins and reduce swelling.

Relieving tension in the lower and upper back, a common problem in pregnancy.

CONTRAINDICATIONS to treatment, which means I cannot treat you with pregnancy massage include...

Morning sickness/extreme nausea
Heavy vaginal discharge/ bloody or watery
High blood pressure
High temp/ fever
Abdominal pain/ cramping
Vomiting/ diarrhoea
Unusual or identified pain
Contagious illness

Contraindications which result in a high risk pregnancy mean that you would need to gain written consent from your GP/Midwide prior to the massage. High risk includes the following...

Maternal (conditions before birth)
Renal disease
Respiratory Disease
Cardiac Disease
Psychiatric Conditions
Drug misuse

Complications during Pregnancy...
Placenta Praevia
Fetal growth restriction
Gestational Diabetes

Re-current pregnancy loss
Prematurity (including rupture of membranes and labour)
Multiple pregnancy
Rhesus disease
Assisted conception.

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