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Melanie Rossiter Specialising in Hypnobirthing in Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Royston
Also specialising in pregnancy and fertility massage or reflexology

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Hypnobirthing - Why? 10 Seriously great reasons you might not have considered.

Learn a range of techniques to induce calm, including visualisation, you will feel confident and in control of your birth, hypnobirthing works!

It changes the language and perception of birth. No more words like pain and contractions. It’s powerful surges and feelings. Fear is reduced and confidence increased.

Hypnobirthing teaches women how to breathe through labour and birth, increasing oxytocin and endorphins. Endorphins are stronger than morphine! That is science.

Regardless of the type of birth you end up having, you can have a positive experience by knowing what you can control, and of course letting go of what you cannot.

Have confidence! You are a mammal, your body knows what it is doing! Your mind can be the problem, you have probably been conditioned to believe birth is painful as most of us are. Have the confidence and replace the fear and let your body work as it knows how!

Birth without unnecessary interventions, know why inductions are suggested, how to refuse if you do not want them and why to accept them if needed. Become empowered by knowing your options and not just to go along with whatever is offered.

It is an antenatal programme, giving you the knowledge of what to expect and an understanding of the ‘system’ knowing your options will put you in a stronger position to make informed decisions.

Your birth partner will feel more involved, giving them also tools and guidance and developing a deeper bond with the baby due to their involvement throughout the process. Preparing your partner to be ready and capable when the big day comes.

Make friends with others on the same journey as you who could become friends for life! Priceless.

Receive ongoing and additional support from me, I will be there to support you afterwards too. As a reflexologist and pregnancy massage specialist I can also give you additional techniques in these areas to use in labour and throughout pregnancy.

I would love to support and guide you on your journey towards meeting your baby.

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