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Melanie Rossiter Specialising in Pregnancy and Birth
Hypnobirthing in Hitchin, Letchworth, Welwyn and Stevenage

Fertility Massage or Reflexology

A beautiful and powerful therapy for fertility and menstrual health conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, and menopause.
My personal favourite treatment to give. You can find out more about this therapy and the training I received here.

"I was lucky enough to receive Melanie's fertility sacral massage. It was over and above anything I had expected. I chose to have this treatment purely for relaxation and was completely surprised at how much it moved me on a deeper level. Lots of release of old unwanted energy, the feeling afterwards was one of being lifted and cleansed. I am totally sure it was as a result of the massage that I was able to handle any challenges and obstacles that followed with ease. Thanks Mel I will be booking in again for sure xxx"
Melanie Pitman, Hertford

How does it help?

Walk in and float away, truly nourishing.
Can help to bring your reproductive and digestive organs into alignment.
Release pressure and strengthen the surrounding muscles and ligaments.
Increase blood, nerve and lymph flow to your pelvis.
Help to flush out toxins to balance hormones.
Shake up your Shakti, release energetically emotions held here, create a healthy flow of energy. Women have been known to cry when receiving this treatment as an emotional release.

What does the treatment include?
We will work from your pubic bone to your rib area and your back, particularly around the sacrum area.

Techniques used....
Abdominal sacral massage
Energy therapy

click here to see an example from the Daily Mail of how a woman conceived after 5 years of trying after having a womb massage.

"The treatment is beautiful and relaxing and allowed powerful shifts to take place. I really recommend Mel."
Suzanne, Hitchin

Fertility. fertility1

Fertility Reflexology

Pre-Conception and Fertility

Planning for and conceiving a baby is one of the most exciting experiences in a couple's life and anticipating parenthood can be an emotional and fulfilling time. Pre-conceptual care is all about preparing the body and mind for the miracle of conceiving, growing and birthing a baby and both men and women are encouraged to have treatments to help regulate the menstrual cycle and to stimulate healthy sperm production.

For others the pain and disappointment of not conceiving can have a huge impact on their lives and cause great anguish. Reflexology can be used successfully to aid conception and has an excellent reputation in helping couples overcome fertility challenges by balancing all the body systems, regulating cycles and reducing stress and tension,. When your body is in this balanced, relaxed state, the conditions are ideal for conception. I would also stress that it is important to seek any medical underlying causes for infertility with your GP who can refer you if necessary.

The skill of the reflexologist is to balance and harmonise the whole being in preparation for birth and by doing this can help make your pregnancy a more enjoyable and memorable experience.

'Very enjoyable experience, I had the best nights sleep I have had in a long time. I would highly recommend Mel and will be booking again soon'

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